Gogo Anime Alternatives: Free Sites like Gogo Anime in 2018

If you are an Anime Lover. You must’ve heard or at some point used the website Gogo Anime. The site offers a wide range of Anime content and good video quality. But from past sometime, we have seen that Gogo Anime is not available sometimes or having issues. So, in this post we have compiled a list of best websites like Gogo Anime, where you can enjoy your favorite anime shows without any issues and that too free of cost.

If you are a true Anime fan, you must have encountered this error while watching your favorite shows. And trust me, this is one of the most annoying error an Anime fan can see. When you’re ready with your noodles and start watching the show and this line appears,“we have had trouble with our video host, we will open the site after migrating the site to the new video host. It could take 15 days – 1 month. Sorry for the inconvenience”. And, again I have to start my search to find the episode that I was going to watch and watch my food getting cold while I search for it. It is so painful!

Watch-Anime-Online Free Gogo Anime

That’s when I decided, not anymore! I decided to build a list of go-to, Best Watch Anime Online websites, that almost never disappoint. So, when Gogo Anime is not there or having issues. I can move to any of the site from my list and instantly start watching the episode and enjoy my hot noodles.

Here is my list of best of Watch Anime Online websites so that you don’t have to suffer the same pain that I did.


The best website/app that is almost never down is AnimeFLV apk . I always keep the app downloaded in all my devices, and can enjoy the shows while traveling and whenever, wherever you are.

Download AnimeFLV app


If you are one of those who do not like the annoying ads that display on websites, AnimeSeason is the best Gogo Anime alternative for you. It gives quality user experience to its customers by placing the most popular anime in the hands of its supporters by votes. It also has embedded video that plays anime episodes with captions and titles.

You can also easily search for your favourite shows on their archive and category.

Website: http://www.animeseason.com


KissAnime is one of the most popular anime streaming website. Which is also the reason they keep on shutdown and face problems regularly. The website has the widest variety of anime shows and almost minimal annoying ads.

Website: www.KissAnime.ru


The simplicity of this website has made it a good anime website on our list and a good KissAnime alternative as well. It is a very neat website and has a very easy navigation. Users can also download anime movies and watch at their convenience. Hundreds log into the website watching different anime every time. There are multiple links to quality video contents at no cost.

Website: https://animestreams.tv


Different from other top anime sites, Animetosho is just a source type anime download site, to some degree a community where you could talk to anime fans and obtain manufactured anime episodes for offline watching. Because it’s not appropriate to mobile devices as these packaged anime films, you must change it to MP4, FLV, AVI, etc., any formats your iPhone iPad or Android supported.

Website: Animetosho.org


Masterani is a database with data and revenues to watch anime in HD(720p)/SD(480p)! Amazingly, together of the most effective anime sites, it features with all the “release schedule” which shows you to come back to view the last updated anime of the favorite anime series. If you should be a anime fan like me, I guess you need to be delighted by this function which keeps you from the numerous checking the newest one.

Website: Masterani.me


These were our best rated Watch Anime Online sites like Gogo Anime. In case, your favorite anime website is down, you can go to any of the above Gogo Anime Alternate websites and enjoy your episode with almost no searching pain.

Do let me know, if I have missed any other great Free Online Anime Streaming Website, in the comments section. I will surely consider adding it to my list of best anime websites which are always up! 🙂

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